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Our Social Projects

Atlas Outdoor is committed to encouraging and promoting a more sustainable tourism industry in Morocco..

People to People Travel…

Since the beginning, we’ve helped thausands of travellers to make deep connections to the places they visit, and to come away with a greater sense that we’re sharing this world. At Atlas Outdoor, our main concern is to make your trip have a positive effect on the places you’re visiting. We also want to ensure that the way we operate is socially responsible and environmentally friendly..

Atlas Outdoor is firmly committed to develop responsible travel and ecotourism through its travels throughout Morocco. We are Supporting a range of  social projects with many local NGOs, in the Atlas Mountains, Essaouira region and Southern Morocco.

Tifawine NGO in central High Atlas-Ait Bougumez valley

Tifawine NGO
This Project aims to improve the quality of education in remote and disadvantaged regions in central high Atlas in Morocco.

People targeted are living in rural areas; It aims to improve school facilities for girls and boys alike in order to improve the overall living conditions.

To guarantee qualitative support for the provision of basic education, especially for girls, we made a census to determine the number of children and teenagers of the village who are in school. We have divided into four corresponding ages at different levels (nursery, school, college, high school).

• Children 3 to 5 years are from 2007 to education in the nursery. 56.3% of children 3 to 5 years are enrolled.
• Children 6 to 12 can be enrolled in the village school. According to the census, 90.9% of the village children attend school there.
• Teens 13 to 16 can attend school or college of Tabant are some still in school. They are 52.9% of children aged 13 to 16 to attend school.
• Adolescents 17 to 20 years study in high school in Tabant, some are still in college. They are 28.8% of the adolescents still attending school.
• Furthermore, only 6 boys and 2 girls from the village 21 to 23 years pursuing graduate studies at the Universities in Beni Mellal and Marrakech.
The enrollment rate for children 6 to 12 years is 90.9%. This figures more than adequate. However, we can see a decline in the enrollment rate for boys but especially among girls 13 to 16 years. Many do not continue their education by going to college. The reasons given are: the distance as there is no transportation to get to the college of Tabant which is 5km away. and the hand work needed by parents to work at home or in the fields.

The main objectives of the project:

Learn languages
Learn music, theater, Sports, painting, writing,
Computer skills
life skills
Learn about the protection of the environment
Produce Natural Organic soaps
The vision of the organisation’s founders is to work for a better future for the local inhabitants. We aim at realizing this project to help improve education, reduce poverty and illiteracy by improving the availability and quality of education for the youth of the local communities…

EL Kebbaba EL Khamsa NGO in Skoura-Southern Morocco

Atlas Outdoor signed a partnership agreement with the local NGO in the village of EL Kebbaba in Skoura Oasis; the aim of this agreement is to improve the education conditions of the kids in this village of Southern Morocco.
Atlas Outdoor collaborates with Chamaeleon Reisen, a German Tour Operator, in order to build a nursery for the local kids, the current nursery is very modest and the conditions are awkward. Hand in hand with the local NGO, this project is almost completed, and the nursery will be ready to receive the kids in the next few months.

Atlas Outdoor finance also the equipment of the nursery with chairs, tables and all required equipment.
Each Chamaeleon Reisen and Atlas Outdoor group participates in the preservation of the oasis of El Kebbaba by planting a palm tree during their stay in the village.
The project also consists of the creation of local women cooperative to help local women develop income-generating activities.

Toudert cooperative in the region of Essaouira

Toudert Cooperative
This partnership consists of the planting of Argan trees in order to preserve the desertification and protect the Argan tree which we find only in this area of Southern Morocco. This project is also in collaboration with Chamaeleon Reisen, it aims also the support of the local women by buying local Argan product made by the local Women cooperative established by the local NGO.
Our engagement as a sustainable tourism operator in morocco
Toudert Cooperative
We always design and lead our tours, with the following objectives:
– Generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well being of host communities (all our employees come from the Atlas or desert: workers, cooks, muleteers, camel drivers, guides)
– Improves working conditions (we pay our staff 10 to 15% than usual conditions)
– Encourage respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence
– Makes positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage embracing diversity: we advise and fund local development associations in the Atlas).
– Promote and use ecological products for outdoor activities: soaps, shampoos, washing-up and laundry liquids (100% eco-friendly and manufactured in Morocco).
-Provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues is the aim of the following travels: